Codan Communications Acquires Domo Tactical

Codan Communications, a division of Codan Limited, is a prominent creator and manufacturer of communications solutions. It was recently announced by Codan Communications that they will be buying 100 percent of Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) shares to acquire the company. This partnership will allow Codan Communications to continue to push boundaries within the field of communications solutions.

Codan Limited has been in business in the U.S for over 10 years since its acquisition of Daniels Electronics Ltd., a 70-year old American communications company, in 2012. Codan Communications, established in 1959 in Adelaide, Australia, continues to honor Daniels Electronics Ltd.’s long success by providing reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. However, as a certified international company, they are able to provide their services in over 150 countries.

As an international designer and manufacturer of communications technology, Codan Communications is consistently growing and finding ways to become a better provider. Recently, the company announced that this spring they will be acquiring Domo Tactical Communications or DTC.

Domo Tactical Communications is known for its innovative engineering team. As a company, they largely focus on surveillance technology. With 30 years of experience, DTC is comfortable with pushing boundaries and experimenting with new technology.

DTC’s technology is used in a variety of environments. From the military to sporting events or public safety in cities, DTC is providing high-quality surveillance and communication. When providing effective communications devices, the company needs to ensure their technology can work in the environments their customers work in. DTC, creates devices that can be used across wireless video, IP, cellular, cover audio and video, and C2 systems. Their flexibility allows customers to use their devices in even “the most demanding environments”.

With an award-winning engineering team, DTC’s products are known and used worldwide. They provide technology to customers in over 140 countries and have offices based in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, and Singapore.

Domo Tactical Communications formed in 2016 when Marlin Equity Partners, a California private equity firm acquired the communications and surveillance division of Cobham Plc. DTC is a combination of Domo, Spectronic, and Corp Ten International; their combined histories of communication and surveillance make DTC a strong company that is widely trusted.

Codan Communication acquiring Domo Tactical Communications is a great way for Codan to expand its customer base inside the U.S. This acquisition will strengthen Codan’s relationship with U.S. agencies that may have originally used DTC.

Codan will also be able to expand the types of products they produce. Moreover, DTC is established in high bandwidth wireless communications and MIMO Mesh networks. DTC’s competencies will embolden what Codan can offer its customers.

“DTC is an important strategic acquisition for us and brings complementary capabilities to our existing tactical communications solutions. We will be able to add immediate value by integrating DTC’s and Codan’s dales and marketing teams as we open up new geographic routes to market. Over the long term our combined engineering capabilities will allow us to bring unique communications solutions to a diverse global customer base from military to security to broadcasting”

Codan’s President for Tactical Communications, Paul Sangster

Overall, this is an important transition in the communications and surveillance fields. The acquisition will go into effect by this spring, April 30, 2021.

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