The Benefits of a Private Network

A private network is a connection within a specific network that includes restrictions to create a secured environment. A variety of businesses and industries would benefit from using a private network; industries like police workers, other first responders, hospitals, any businesses on the road etc.

A private network is secure, creating privacy and protection for personal information. Moreover, private networks provide connections in areas where other network options are not available. Cradlepoint, a router and network provider, is a great option for those working in the communications industry.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of private networks and how Cradlepoint may be the best option for your industry.

what are the benefits of Private Networks

A private network offers the ability to have restricted access to certain sites, search platforms, and more. This benefit helps the user create a tightly controlled and secure network. Restricted networks are commonly used in schools and corporate offices to control what the users can access. This can prevent distractions for some and it can help prevent hackers and viruses from accessing your information.

With a private network, not only can you control what content users can access, you can control who can be on the network. The controller of a private network can even choose what kinds of devices can connect and how much bandwidth they have access to.

Control is just one benefit of using a private network; security is another huge positive for many communications industries. Commonly, a password is the first form of protection for a network, but for high-risk industries like police work, the network needs to have more security. A private network offers firewalls, IP address filters, and sometimes even intrusion detection systems (IDS is offered with the Cradlepoint router, IBR1700).

A more secure network allows users to have more freedom with IP addressing. Because private networks can be trusted, those on the network can make their PC visible to other devices who are on the same connection. This ability makes sharing documents and other media files quicker and easier, aiding in an efficient work environment. Private networks also often operate faster due to a lack of overload on the connection.

Private networks are great for security, privacy, and convenience; moreover, they are beneficial for those working in industries that need to access connections in areas where WiFi and LTE are not available. This can happen in rural areas from lack of service; it can also happen in the metropolis’ from network overload.

For instance, during large gatherings like concerts, festivals, and more networks can become overloaded. This is dangerous for essential workers like police officers, paramedics, and firefighters, for communication is a necessity when doing their jobs to the fullest. It is of utmost importance that first responders have access to networks; therefore, a private network like Netcloud by Cradlepoint is a great option.

Private networks through Cradlepoint operate over PLTE and private 5G. PLTE stands for private LTE and is a private cellular network. Because PLTE is private, only certain users can access the network, ensuring it will not become overloaded.

5G is a network that is becoming popular because of its ability to transfer high amounts of data more efficiently than past networks like 4G. This is a network that is beneficial for industries working in rural areas where other networks are not accessible.

Both 5G and PLTE are great networks to keep your information safe, protect your devices, and keep your business running up to speed.

Who is Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint is a reputable company that makes and distributes wireless routers that are compatible with their private network subscription service, Netcloud. According to Cradlepoint, their routers give you access to private networks and give you “nonstop reliability, and real-time agility it needs to keep up with your business.”

Netcloud is the network subscription Cradlepoint offers alongside their routers. When purchasing a router, it will show the subscription length in the router name’s listing. Subscriptions are offered at 1, 3, or 5 year periods of time. After the subscription purchased alongside the router ends, Netcloud can be renewed by purchasing a new subscription on the Cradlepoint site HERE.

what are the Accessories needed

Cradlepoint’s routers, the IBR1700, and IBR900 are optimal cellular routers. Both systems are made to be used in cars to connect mobile workers to networks. They are built to be small and efficient, with access to all of the benefits of a private network. Additionally, with some extra accessories, the IBR1700 and IBR900 routers can be used in a stationary setting like an office or temporary worksite. To learn more about the individual routers and their accessories follow the link HERE.

Cradlepoint Private Network FAQ:

  • How many users can access the network? Are there any limitations on the number of users?

The network can support up to 256 devices, 128 per channel. This large support makes Netcloud an optimal network for most businesses.

  • What type of devices can access the network?

Any IoT devices can access the network. IoT stands for “internet of things” so any devices embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies can access Netcloud.

  • Are there any data restrictions in terms of size when purchasing Netcloud subscriptions? i.e. how much data can be stored and for how long? The term of the subscription itself?

There are a variety of types of data stored in Netcloud and it is all dependent on the features enabled within your account. Each data type has its own retention period; for instance, traffic analytics will be stored for 30 days, whereas, alert logs are stored for 90 days. Each day, the system runs a disposal process to get rid of old data.

  • Are you able provide connectivity to multiple locations under 1 network? What equipment is required and how does the integration work?

Yes, this is called branch networking. A Cradlepoint router with a Netcloud network subscription can connect cloud and corporate. Below is a diagram created by Cradlepoint to depict how the connection works.

  • Can you access WIFI when routers are out of range? How is this accomplished.

If you cannot access the connection through your router, there are a few things that can be done to re-establish the connection. Adding WiFi antennas is a great help to ensure your router is performing properly. If you already have antennas connected, move the antennas around. Another good thing to keep in mind is to remove interferences; this can range from walls to electronics like other routers. Lastly, you can change the band; 5GHz band tends to carry the least amount of interference.

We hope this article gave you some additional insight to further understand why a private network is useful. Follow the links below to purchase a new router and Netcloud subscription to start protecting your network, devices, and private information.

Buy your IBR1700 HERE

Buy your IBR900 HERE

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