Guide to the Best CB Radios in 2021

You have read our guide on the best ham radios, now what about CB radios?

CB radios or citizens band radios are used in many countries as short-distance or person-to-person forms of communication. There are many options to choose from so it can be hard to decide which is best for you and your team. We have put together a comprehensive guide of the best CB radios of 2021.

Read this article to become informed on our choices for the best portable CB radios for 2021 and decide which one is best for you.

Cobra 29LTD:

The Cobra 29LTD is a top choice for our best CB radio list. It features SWR calibration and 4 watts of power output. SWR stands for standing wave ratio; this measurement indicated the effectiveness of the radio’s antenna system. This reading is connected to the 29LTD’s antenna warning indicator.

Not only does this CB radio have some great system functionality indicators, but it also features RF gain control and a dynamic boost mic. RF gain control adjusts how your CB radio receives sensitivity which means the user will hear less “noise”. The dynamic boost mic increases voice clarity to ensure that communication is clear. The Cobra 29LTD is an optimal radio that has a variety of top features.

Design Features:

  • Weight- 4.5 lb
  • Dimensions- 2.49 x 7.60 x 8.6 in
  • 9-foot microphone cable
  • Colors-black

Technology Features:

  • SWR calibration
  • Antenna warning indicator
  • 4 watts power output
  • Immediate access to emergency channel 9
  • Full channel coverage
    • 40 CB channels
  • Adjust RF and Dynamic boost for communication

Uniden PRO 510XL:

The Uniden PRO 510XL was chosen for MCCR’s best CB radio list because of its great design features that make it user-friendly and its comprehensive technology features.

This best CB radio boasts convenient designs like channel up/down buttons, a channel indicator, backlit LCD display, and a PTT (push to talk) button. These features come together to make a convenient and easy-to-use radio. Moreover, the Uniden PRO 510XL is only just over 1 pound making it light for a portable CB radio, yet another convenient feature.

In addition to great design, the Uniden PRO 510XL has outstanding technology. This CB radio has a PLL synthesizer or phase-locked loop synthesizer. A PLL synthesizer is a feedback control system; this allows a user to create a variety of output frequencies as multiples of a single reference frequency.

The Uniden PRO 510XL was an easy pick for our list of best CB radios because it has a variety of features that add up to make it a convenient and useful communications device.

Design Features:

  • Backlit LCD display
  • Channel up/down buttons and channel indicator
  • Squelch knob
  • Male antenna connector
  • 12 volt DC power cord
  • PTT button
  • Dimensions-4 ½” W x 6 ¾” D x 1 3/8” H
  • Weight- 1lb 9oz

Technology Features:

  • 40 channel operation
  • Public address
  • S/RF meter
  • PLL synthesizer
  • Operating temperatures: -30 C to +50 C
  • 4 watts power output

Baofeng UV-5R HT:

The Baofeng UV-5R HT is a notable communications device that is often added to lists like these as the best cheap CB radio. However, this radio’s low price does not equate to the product’s quality. The Baofeng UV-5R HT has a number of design and technology features that are outstanding for beginners and users on the go.

With a high/low power setting and a 1500mAh battery, you can guarantee that the UV-5R HT will keep up with you all day. Moreover, it comes with a belt clip, wrist wrap, AC adaptor, and drop-in charging tray, ensuring that you have all the items you need to communicate effectively and efficiently.

The Baofeng UV-5R HT also features great technology like 128 channel memories and the ability to access broadband and narrowband. 128 channel memories is a substantial amount especially if you are purchasing this CB radio for a beginner or a smaller communications job.

Design Features:

  • High/low power setting
  • 1500mAh battery
  • Auto keypad lock
  • Dual display and dual standby
  • Comes with SMA-Female antenna
  • Belt clip, wrist wrap, AC adaptor, and drop-in charging tray

Technology Features:

  • 40 channel operation
  • 65-108 MHz (Only commercial FM radio reception) VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx). UHF: 400-520 MHz(Rx/Tx)
  • Customizable channel names
  • Choose between broadband and narrowband
  • 4 watts
  • Dual watch and dual reception
  • Battery save function
  • 128 memories

Uniden Bearcat 980:

The Uniden Bearcat 980 is a great emergency communications CB radio. It features NOAA weather alert access, ANL, and instant channel (9, 19).

ANL or automatic noise limiter is a useful feature to have for a communications radio. ANL helps reduce the amount of unwanted static, interference, and radio noise that can come through while transmitting and listening. Clear communication is key to critical communications technology.

In addition to ANL, the Uniden Bearcat also feature an “instant channel”. If this feature is set up on your Uniden Bearcat 980, it will always automatically jump to two of the most popular CB channels: #9 and #19. Channel 9 is the emergency station for CB radios and channel 19 is for truckers. Your radio will only activate this function if a CB frequency or transmission is received on one of the channels. This feature made choosing the Uniden Bearcat 980 as the best CB radio logical and easy.

Design Features:

  • 7 color LCD display
  • PA/CB switch
  • Wireless mic compatible
  • Weight-2.2lb
  • Dimensions-7.25 x 7.5 x 2.25 in

Technology Features:

  • 40 AM CB channels
  • SSB
  • Weather alert (NOAA)
  • Variable talk back
  • ANL/noise blanking
  • Instant channel 9/19
  • PLL synthesizer
  • 26.965-27.405 frequency range

Midland 75-822:

The Midland 75-822 was chosen for our best CB radios list due to its unique design and top-notch technology.

This CB radio features a flexible and removable antenna. It is attached with a BNC connector which is typically considered one of the best and easiest to use antenna connectors. If you are looking to learn more about antenna connections follow the link HERE.

The Midland 75-822 also has classic technology features like built-in ANL, channel scan, NOAA weather alert access, instant channel, and more. This CB radio has an abundance of technology and design features to make it an outstanding pick for the best CB radios for critical communications workers.

Design Features:

  • Large and backlit LCD
  • Flexible and removable antenna (BNC connector)
  • Dimensions- 3 x 12.75 x 1.5 in
  • Lightweight

Technology Features:

  • 40 channels
  • 4 watt output power
  • Squelch control
  • Built in ANL
  • Channel scan
  • NOAA weather alert
  • Instant channel 9/19
  • Last channel memory (5 memory channels)

In conclusion, there are many CB radios to choose from all with great features. We hope this article gave you further information about the best CB radios for 2021 making choosing the right CB radio for you easier and quicker.

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