First Source Wireless Partners with Cradlepoint

The partnership between First Source Wireless and Cradlepoint will ensure public safety officials have easy access to critical communications devices and mobile internet. 

 First Source Wireless, a critical communications technology provider, have partnered with Cradlepoint, a wireless solutions network company. This partnership provides law enforcement and public safety with wireless mobile routers, IBR1700 and IBR900 plus additional power cables and antennas for non-vehicle use to improve communication. 

“Cradlepoint is a leader in wireless LTE and 5G connectivity for vehicles aiming to improve networks critical information,” says Taylor Thomas, Marketing Manager at First Source Wireless. “We are proud to partner with Cradlepoint and look forward to providing our customers with dependable routers and accessories for their vehicles.” 

First Source Wireless now sells two Cradlepoint wireless mobile routers, the IBR900 and IBR1700. Both routers provide optimal network connectivity at a reasonable price.  

The IBR900 mobile wireless router features, 

  • 4G and LTE capabilities 
  • Connection ports from USB to broadband 
  • VPN supported 
  • Supports 75MB/s wireless speed 
  • Ethernet cable connection 

The IBR1700 mobile wireless router features, 

  • Connection to over 190 devices 
  • First mobile router with gigabit speeds for LTE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet for enterprise-grade performance 
  • 5G-ready 
  • Privacy protection (Firewalls and intrusion detection system) 
  • Great for temporary sites with multiple people and public safety networks 

The IBR900 and IBR1700 provide secure networking for vehicle communications workers including police and other first responders that require consistent and uninterrupted network internet connections.  

The IBR900 and IBR1700 internet connection require a NetCloud subscription with Cradlepoint offered through 1-, 3-, and 5-year cloud-based subscription plans. 

Cradlepoint provides wireless edge solutions to ensure businesses and public safety workers have access to reliable wireless networks in construction sites, vehicles, and temporary sites. 

Cradlepoint helps organizations connect beyond traditional wired networks and provides robust and dependable networks. 

About First Source Wireless 

First Source Wireless provides optimal wireless solutions and products to law enforcement professionals and commercial customers that depend on reliable communications. Since 2003, they have strategically partnered with proven industry leaders from the critical communications community to assist their customers in accomplishing their goals.  

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