How to Select the Best GPS Tracking System for your Fleet of Vehicles or Business Assets

Rather than bringing in a person to sit in the passenger seat to monitor vehicles and drivers on the road, various GPS technologies can ensure you know what’s going on from your office or any other location. Again, this is a top solution to ensure vehicles are operating efficiently and drivers are responsible and safe at all times.

Business vehicle tracking includes both software and hardware. The hardware is responsible for tracking vehicles and how they are operated. The right hardware for your fleet will depend on what needs to be monitored. Choices range from plug-and-play devices as small as a palm to larger solutions with several sensors and specialized features.

A global positioning system (GPS) is what tracks the vehicles in a fleet. The hardware will send out updates and data to the software. The software then takes over and acts as a hub to store all of the required information.

Why GPS Tracking Devices Need To Protect Business Assets

Technology is constantly changing and has had huge effects on the way businesses operate. Running a fleet of vehicles isn’t an exception. However, when you don’t use the available modern solutions for your operations, you might miss out on the chance to save money and increase efficiency.

When you work with a GPS company to acquire innovative products, you get software that keeps you up to date on what is going on with vehicles and other assets. GPS can also help with delivery route optimization, fuel management, logistic planning, and driver and vehicle communication.

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In the economy of today, the more information you have translates to the power you enjoy. Using GPS hardware and software gives you a door to data and other important information related to your business. It can completely transform the way you manage your vehicle fleet or other assets.

While there are pros and cons to electronic monitoring, most of the evidence shows it creates benefits for those who use it. For example, it offers better driver safety, can improve a fleet’s productivity, cut down on fuel costs, lower operations costs, and make theft recovery more likely if someone takes off with a vehicle.

These devices and their software will help streamline your business operations and create improved customer service to help you succeed.

Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices Available Today

There are several choices for someone who requires a GPS tracker for business. Three of the most full-featured options come from WEX Telematics, Verizon, and Trimble. We’ll be looking at what each of these brands brings to the table in terms of both software and hardware.

We’ll also share important information about pricing and other aspects of the technology that will help you choose the right solution for your fleet or other assets.

WEX Telematics

WEX Telematics offers GPS solutions that let you track vehicle speed, location, driver performance, fuel use, and more. Their products are designed to meet the needs of government fleets, small business fleets, and large fleets.

The software offered by WEX Telematics features fleet management features and fleet maintenance options such as preventative maintenance alerts and diagnostic codes. It also supports both vehicle and asset tracking and can integrate with your fuel card for ultimate convenience.

Some of the other features provided through the WEX software include:

  • IRP-IFTA compliance reporting
  • Alerts and reporting
  • Vehicle routing on 2D, 3D, and satellite maps
  • Drive logging, monitoring, and geofencing
  • ELD mandate compliance

Several different devices are provided by WEX Telematics, including the following:

  • ELD-2000/5000 – Features an Android table with messaging, e-logs, navigation, and DVIR alongside a GPSI-5000 tracking device.
  • Driveri D-210 – Offers a dual-camera fleet management device with a full view of driver activity using best practice identification and real-time driving notifications.
  • TT-220 – Is a battery-powered satellite-only tracking device designed for use with non-powered equipment in rural locations with little to no cell coverage.
  • GPSI-5000 – Offers a telematics gateway made to support enterprise applications with a variety of fleet features. It includes built-in ECU interface technology for light and heavy-duty vehicles.


Verizon vehicle tracking is another option that has gained popularity in recent years. The software provided lets you see driver and vehicle locations in real-time, track behavior such as idling, speeding, and harsh driving, and reduce fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs.

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Verizon Connect Reveal is an electronic logging device with high-resolution maps and smart clustering to offer exceptional asset tracking and help with overseeing a workplace through vehicle tracking. In addition, it sends out push alerts to supervisors and dispatchers and offers mobile capabilities as an iOS and Android app.

Some of the top features of Verizon Connect Review include:

  • OBD-II support
  • Routing and scheduling software
  • GPS tracking with geofencing
  • HOS compliance
  • IFTA fuel tax reporting

Verizon also offers a fleet dashcam with integrated video. It comes with two free months of GPS tracking and video. The tracker has commercial-grade camera hardware and uses cloud storage. It offers 720p HD video footage and a 150-degree view on the road-facing camera.

The driver-facing camera offers a 120-degree view of the cab and includes night vision capabilities. The camera turns on the engine and continues to do so until the engine is turned off. The AI engine reviews footage based on driver triggers, such as quick acceleration or hard braking.

Once identified, the clip is classified as low risk, harsh driving, dangerous, or a collision. All clips are saved and can be watched on desktop or mobile. The video can also be downloaded to review in the future.

Verizon pricing

Verizon Connect pricing starts at $45 a month. This includes the use of webinars, videos, documentation, and live online help.


The final company we want to showcase is Trimble, which offers in-vehicle and fleet monitoring services. The vehicle tracking options include a suite of applications such as vehicle management, automated workflow, remote diagnostics, reports, back-office integration, and more.

The hardware associated with Trimble is called Trimble Duo and is a single device that offers 4G-LTE power and an innovative display. The device is easy to use and made to mount and connect right to a vehicle’s dashboard. Other devices provided by Trimble include:

  • Samsung Tab Active 3 – A rugged inexpensive tablet that allows access to Trimble and third-party applications from the truck cab.
  • ConnectedTablet – Designed for in and out of cab applications, the device offers fast speeds, a low weight, and ease of use.

What sets Trimble apart is its full knowledge of the transportation world. The platform offers visibility products, asset maintenance solutions, and transportation management software that all work together, as well as with a variety of third-party products. In addition, products are created to be capable of future technology to ensure it meets the needs of your fleets now and years down the line.

Trimble pricing

The fleet management and telematics solutions from Trimble start at $40 per month per truck. The Duo fleet management bundle includes fleet tracking, reporting, an all-in-one display in the cab, and ELD compliance.

Which GPS Vehicle Tracking System Is Best For Which Industry

Depending on the industry, one company’s real-time tracking devices might be better for your needs than those from another brand. So while there’s no harm in going through all your options, we want to share our favorite software and devices for several important industries.

  • Government – WEX Telematics has a contract with the U.S General Services Administration for the purchase of telematics solutions to reduce risks and costs, maximize fleet performance, and improve customer service. The brand has been offering assistance with government fleets for decades.
  • Transportation Companies – WEX Telematics excels through the number of devices available for companies of all sizes. However, both Verizon and Trimble also excel in this area. Trimble tends to be the most expensive of the three, while Verizon may be the simplest to install and use.
  • Construction – Trimble offers fleet software that can help reduce operating costs, track locations, and improve equipment utilization for construction companies. The company also provides other solutions designed for things like site modeling and job site management.
  • Oil, Gas, and Mining – Verizon’s fleet management GPS trackers help oil, gas, and mining companies with fleet visibility even in rugged and remote areas. WEX Telematics also offers several GPS trackers that are designed specifically for locations without cell service.
  • Distribution – Trimble and WEX Telematics are both designed to offer quick deliveries for distribution companies. In addition, the software provides route planning software and ensures that drivers are acting in safe ways while on the road.
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When choosing the appropriate GPS tracking system, consider price, features, and whether it offers what you need to comply with industry requirements. Many products by the companies showcases above are sure to meet your needs.


Whether you go with a Verizon GPS tracker, real-time tracking from WEX Telematics, or a solution straight from Trimble, this kind of solution can revolutionize your fleet management system. Consider the information above to choose the right solution for your needs. It can help with driver productivity, safety, industry-specific reporting, and much more.

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